We are the dedicated massage and yoga therapy center within the community. We put ourselves at the heart of the neighbourhood and the heart of peoples’ lives.

Our center spreads positivity about, from one client to another, creating waves within the local area and bringing people in, who may never have thought about visiting us before.

We rely on word of mouth, not advertising, to put people in touch with our therapies.

We also go out into the community, to deliver our services to people who need them.

Because we know that not everyone has the time to stop and take a couple of hours out of their day, we offer workplace based massages and other treatments.

It is easy to book a workplace visit from one of our trained crew. We can deliver mini treatments, straight to your door and can fit in with your arrangements and your specific needs.

Workplaces are not the only places that we visit. We also go into other organisations and institutions, such as senior living complexes and university halls of residence.

We can be booked to attend any venue that you would like us to and are happy to consider unconventional situations!

Last summer we set up a pop up massage chair, in the middle of the High Street. We have also had stalls at local fairs and other events, offering our services to the community.

We specialise in massage and yoga and our therapists can combine the two. We also have a resident midwife on board our team, delivering massage and yoga treatments especially for pregnant women.

With over seven members of staff, we always have someone available to meet your needs and we’re not afraid to travel to meet new clients!

To discuss your needs further, contact Nicky or Claire for more information.