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Yoga And Pregnancy – Part Two: What To Do And Not To Do

Continuing on from our first instalment, this blog focuses on the positions and styles of yoga which are safe in pregnancy and then looks at the ones which should be avoided.


All Fours

This could be especially useful for breech babies to help reposition them. The cat cow can get the baby to point head down. However, speak to your midwife first before trying anything.

Hip Openers

By practising poses like knee to ankle and triangle, or pigeon, you can help to loosen up your body for the passage of childbirth. After all, this is something you will definitely need to have your hips comfortably apart for!

Side Stretches

Side stretches are good, especially when you are getting twinges in your back. Try the gate pose to get relief from pregnancy aches and pains.

Standing Poses

When you stand, you need to widen your legs to allow for your bump. Try the prenatal sun salutation, to stand comfortably throughout your pregnancy.



We would not advise pregnant clients to do any jumping during pregnancy.

It should be particularly avoided in early pregnancy, as there is a heightened chance of a miscarriage.

It is probably safer avoided all the way through pregnancy, we feel. Also, it is unlikely you are going to feel much like jumping later on!


Similarly, twists are bad idea when pregnant. Movements such as ardha matsyendrasana should be particularly avoided. This is because it could compress the uterus.

If you are going to twist, do it gently from the shoulders. Alternatively, you could twist away from the leg you have out forward. This gives your bump more space and less chance of being squashed!

Over Stretch

When you are pregnant your body produces a hormone (relaxin). This actually makes your ligaments softer, to prepare it for the act of childbirth.

Whilst your body is so vulnerable, stretching is a bad idea as it could lead to injuries occurring.

Fast Breathing

Don’t undertake any fast breathing exercises whilst pregnant. It could be bad for your pregnancy. Instead, learn techniques which will keep your breathing focused and calm.

Abdominal Work

This is another no no in pregnancy. Anything which is meant to strengthen or build your abs should wait until well after you have given birth!

We would also advise avoiding both hot yoga (bikram yoga) and power yoga whilst you are pregnant.