As part of our outreach programme, our therapists come out into the community to work with clients.

This includes workplace settings.


The benefits of massage therapy are well known in themselves. But did you know the advantages they could bring to your workplace and your staff?

By having a workforce who are relaxed and happy, you will boost productivity and reduce instances of absenteeism. It also helps to reduce sick days and days lost through chronic conditions.

Do both yourself and your team a favour and book one of our experienced therapists to come into your workplace.

Massage therapy can help restore the soul and mind, but it can also help with the more physical problems caused by slouching and poor posture. These can translate into very real back and neck problems, which result in days lost at work.

We can tailor all our treatments for the specific needs of you and your workplace and will be pleased to help devise a programme that works just for you.

Reduce stress, mental health problems, anxiety and discord in your workplace today!


Chair Massage

A chair massage is often the best introduction to massage for those unsure of it. The client remains seated and can try out a variety of massage styles, whilst still fully clothed.

Chair massage does not require any special equipment or much extra space and is therefore ideal for most office environments. The sessions last approximately ten minutes each. This gives chance for as many staff members as possible to have a chance to participate.

Indian Head Massage

Our trained therapist can deliver a mini Indian head massage to your workplace. This can be done as part of the chair massage.

Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage

Poor posture and back problems are the bane of a many an office worker’s life.

We can help address this painful condition with an express back, neck and shoulder massage. Each massage is tailored exactly to what the client requires from it.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (taster)

We offer the chance for a taster session of our highly popular and deeply therapeutic Ayurvedic yoga massage. This is a fifteen minute session, which can be fit easily into a lunch break.

The massage is conducted on a mat (which the therapist provides) and space must be given for the stretching which needs to be done.

It also combines breathing techniques with a deep tissue massage.

To find out more how we can help to help your staff reach their optimal health and productivity, speak to Nicky today!